WESUN W180B Automatic Screwdriver

WESUN W180B Automatic Screwdriver


Automatic screwdriver




江苏11选5Purpose:Screw for LED panel lamp



WESUN W180B Automatic Screwdriver is a new generation of panel lamp screw machine。 In the production process, two kinds of screw can be locked at a time, the maximum can be locked for 600 mm x 600 mm large size products, often used for LED panel lamp lock。 Compared with the previous generation of w180 Automatic Screwdriver, it has a larger locking area, higher locking efficiency and more affordable price, is the best choice for the majority of manufacturers。 It is suitable for locking of panel lamp, household appliances, digital products, toys and other products。

High accuracy

High accuracy:YAKOTEC Driver

KILEWS Electric batch


AirTAC Cylinder

Independent research and development of feeder


Automatic screwdriver


江苏11选5Motion Control Card/PLC  Control Machine

Lockable 600 mm x 600 mm size products

Double batch lock screw, fast speed

Touch screen control equipment operation



MEAN WELL Power Supply

江苏11选5Original Brand Components

江苏11选5Equipped with overload protection device

Long-term stable operation




Successful cases

Successful cases


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